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NO.TitlePublish Date
121The 2021 Nuit Blanche Taipei – Interoperability will be held from 6:00 pm on October 2 (Saturday) until dawn the next day in spite of the pandemic. Through five spotlight plans, we welcome you to meet us online and enjoy the freedom of staying awake all night.2021-09-27
122The Birth of Youth Exhibition at the New Cultural Center2020-12-28
123Love Taiwan Charity Concert 2020-12-28
124Historic building No. 1 Food Theater wins award2020-12-28
125Taipei’s second Tree Preservation Award goes to 5 winners2020-12-28
126Taipei mayor Ko goes on walkabout in Wanhua2020-12-28
127Two exhibitions on Wanhua historical treasures2020-12-28
128Digital image competitions highlight the beauty of Taipei2020-12-28
129Mayor Ko visits Songshan Cultural and Creative Park2020-12-23
130Taipei street corners to meet amusing designs2020-12-17
131Beyond Consciousness: AI seeking to surpass human beings2020-12-17
132Taipei art exhibition raising environmental awareness2020-12-16
133The Creative Incubation Platform raises Taiwanese artists to a higher power2020-12-14
1342020 Taipei Jazz Festival—“Jazz Decade”2020-11-30
135Taipei Fringe winners perform at newly opened Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre2020-11-10
136Free charity events for children around Taiwan2020-10-30
137Stage play explores how body-building leads to self-awareness2020-10-28
138TFAM holds exhibition on Datong District’s artistic past2020-09-16
139Disappearing Island conveys survival dilemmas of Shezi Island2020-09-16
140"Manila Zoo" reflects social inequalities in the world of entertainment2020-09-02