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Grants for the arts

The Department of Culture Affairs is responsible for distributing public money granted by the Taipei City Government to artists and arts-related organizations.
Our aim is to improve the quality of life for all citizens through cultural activities; to support the pursuit of excellence among artists; and to maximize contributions from the arts sector to strategic areas of priority.
We have mapped out diverse funding programs since our establishment in 1999, maintaining a fair and just mechanism to assess the viability and value of arts projects proposed by artists and arts-related organizations.
We grant more than 600 arts proposals each year. We believe that an innovative culture can broaden access to a rich and varied artistic and cultural life for everyone. We also believe that the artistic activities we fund aspire to reach world-class level, and that every citizen in Taipei City should have the opportunity to develop his or her artistic talent and achieve excellence in the arts.
Our goal is to promote an atmosphere of community cohesiveness through the arts among as many people as possible. We also provide advice and information of benefit to those in the arts sector.
Who can apply
Our grants are for individuals, arts-related organizations, and other people who use the arts in their work and are based in or outside Taiwan.
Eligibility Requirements are as follows:
1) Individual applicants
Nationals of the Republic of China age 20 and above with registered permanent residence in Taipei City.
2) Organizations
Legally registered organizations with registered permanent location in Taipei City; organizations that are managed by public agencies; political parties or schools are not eligible for the grants.
3) Others
 Age 20 and above.
Individuals and organizations without a registered permanent residence in Taipei City may still apply for the arts grants, provided that proposal focuses on Taipei City as the major theme, or the arts event takes place mainly in Taipei City.
Types of activity supported
1) Professional arts
Applicants can choose any one of the following categories for professional arts grants:
Creativity, performance, exhibition, publishing, seminar, field study, video production, study program, cross-strait/international exchanges, and venue management; these may be related to arts activities including
traditional opera, traditional music, traditional folk art, traditional painting and calligraphy, video art, drama, modern music, dance, fine arts, or literature.
2) Community and culture
Applicants may choose any of the following categories for arts grants:
cultural records, arts promotion, cultural events, cultural surveys, cultural site beautification projects, and other related topics.
3) Disadvantaged groups and minority groups
Applicants may apply for arts grants for cultural activities or cultural records.