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Digital Art Festival Taipei launches every November.Digital Art Festival Taipei was inaugurated by Taipei City Government in 2006, with its Department of Cultural Affairs responsible for the festival’s execution. The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei has been the main venue for exhibitions for the first four years of the festival, from Aura Spurt, the debut festival, to Openplay (the second), Trans (the third), and the Funky Light (the forth). The task for organizing the festival was handed over to Digital Art Center Taipei (DAC) when this center was inaugurated in 2009.

Digital Art Festival Taipei is held every November, bringing different digital art experiences to Taipei citizens. It features the International Digital Art Exhibition, Digital Art Awards, Digital Art Awards Taipei, Digital Art Criticism Awards, K.T. Creativity Awards, Creation Forum, and Digital Art Platform.

Artists convey their concerns for humanity and their observations of society by wielding the charm of digital technology. Through all types of media, artists delivered their messages into to the audience, who experience the appeal of digital art by partaking in various activities and performances during the annual event.
The latest edition of the festival, the 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei in 2014, featured a total of 141 art pieces presented by 233 local and international artists at a 800 ping or 24,000 square meter venue.

The organizer of the event regularly hosts the annual festival at different venues around the city, mostly at historic buildings, including the Red House Theater at Ximending; Bopiliao Historic Block at Wanhua; and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, among others.
This is done to take advantage of the sharp contrast between the modernity of digital art and traditional architecture with the ultimate purpose to offer a unique aesthetic experience for all citizens.

For more information, you may visit the website of Digital Art Center, Taipei at https://dac.tw/

2018 Digital Art Festival

The Digital Arts Festival Taipei is about to enter its 13th year. Unlike those for the past few years, this year’s theme was “Trans-robotics” (超機體) that not only showed the combination of technology and art, but also explored the relationship between robots, artificial intelligence, and human beings under the development of contemporary technology. How do people coexist with robots with Artificial Intelligence? Do they mutually exclude each other? The Digital Art Festival Taipei explored these important issues.
This year’s festival was divided into five major categories: “International Invitational Exhibition of Digital Arts,” “National Digital Arts Creation & Performance,” “National Invitational Exhibition of Animated Films,” “Retrospective Exhibition of the Robot and its History,” and “Submitted Entries for the Digital Art Festival Taipei.” The artworks in each exhibition space were closely related to the curatorial theme. The “Cross-industry Collaboration Area” was especially arranged for domestic R&D units long committed to science and technology research showcase the creativity with which Taiwan’s current mechanical technology has been integrated into daily life.