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The Taipei Children’s Arts Festival was first launched in 2000. Since then, the annual festival that regularly held on summer vacation has been widely popular among families and children in Taipei.

Each year, the festival features an average of 50 free-entry theatrical works, arts exhibitions and workshops with an average of 200,000 participants annually.

Its popularity has made the festival a must-visit for families with children at greater Taipei area.

To further promote long-term development of performing arts in Taipei, the festival has been organized by the Taipei Culture Foundation since 2007.

Each year, the festival has introduced local and international high quality performances for the benefit of Taipei children.

The high quality exhibitions and performances have proven extremely popular among locals. Taipei Children's Art Festival passports that allow its holders access to all festival shows sell like a hot cake each year. All the tickets are also highly popular. The workshops have attracted visitors from outside Taipei and even from southern Taiwan.

Its long time popularity has shown that Taipei Children’s Arts Festival is here to stay and a strong force that has successfully integrated aesthetics into daily live.

Website: http://www.taipeicaf.org/Index.aspx(in Chinese version).