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The 28th Taipei Culture Award Announced Call for Entries.

Visit HERE to download the 2024 application guide.


Year Recipients and Awards


The winners of the 27th Taipei Culture Award were announced on Aug. 9th ,2023. Prizes went to well-known poet Ya Hsien(瘂弦) , cultural preservationist Mi Fu-Kuo (米復國), the director of Body Phase Studio and Guling Street Avant garde Theatre, Yao Lee-Chun (姚立群) , and photographer Chang Chien-Chi (張乾琦).

1. Ya Hsien (瘂弦)

2. Mi Fu-Kuo (米復國)

3. Yao Lee-Chun (姚立群)

4. Chang Chien-Chi (張乾琦)


1. Chen I-chih(陳義芝)— One of Taiwan’s finest contemporary scholars and poets who has continued to open up new frontiers for literature through channels such as education, print media, theatre and audiovisual media.

2. Qu Chun Quan(瞿春泉)— With his years of experience conducting and making music, Qu has long been committed to the promotion, preservation and passing down of traditional Chinese music.


1. Pai Hsien-yung(白先勇)—His works meticulously portray people of different ethnic identities in unique stories  set in Taipei.
2.Huang Hsin-Chien(黃心健)— His VR and AR works have brought Taiwan’s new media art to global attention, allowing the rest of the world to see Taipei’s interdisciplinary integration of culture and art with technology
3.Hsiao Li-Hung(蕭麗虹)— She has set up an international exchange platform for artists and become a promoter with a gentle touch for many young artists.
4.Doris Brougham(彭蒙惠)— The creator of Studio Classroom is a pioneer of English education in Taiwan and a champion of international exchange with Taiwan.

1. Capital Ballet Taipei (台北首督芭蕾舞團)—won praise from New York Times chief dance critic Anna Kisselgoff, who reviewed their performance.
2. Chang Chen-chieh (張正傑)
3. Kung Shu-chang (龔書章)
4. Wen Shia (文夏)
 Each of the winners was chosen for their creativity in expressing the uniqueness of Taiwan in their art, adapting traditional artistic styles for a diverse range of audiences.

1. Feng De-bing (封德屏), Director of the Kishu An Forest of Literature in Taipei
2. Chen Xi-huang (陳錫煌), Taiwanese glove puppet master
3. Dance Forum Taipei (DFT) (舞蹈空間舞蹈團)
4. The Chairman (董事長樂團), a Taiwanese rock band was awarded the Outstanding Artistic Contribution
The four were chosen for their long-term contributions to enriching the city’s cultural landscape and for successfully integrating aesthetics into the daily lives of Taipei residents, They served as the seeds to grow Taipei’s urban aesthetics, the DOCA said.

1. Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture
2. Writer and filmmaker Lei Hsiang
3. Peking opera performer Chu An-li
The three recipients were recognized for their efforts to promote arts and culture actively, and enhance the ability of the city’s residents to appreciate art.

1. Theater veteran Chung Chiao
2. Hakka music creator Ayugo Huang
3. Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company
4. Filmmaker Chi Po-lin (December 27, 1964 – June 10, 2017)
5. Eslite Books founder Robert Wu (October, 1950 – July 18, 2017)
The five recipients were recognized for their commitment to cultural and artistic work, with the innovative spirit, cross-disciplinary capabilities, and global action.

1. Sun Rung-hui, founder of the Yi-Sin Opera Troupe
2. Godot Theatre Company
The recipients were recognized for their long-term commitment to cultural work, integrating diverse cultures, promoting cultural sharing actively, and increasing Taiwan’s international visibility.

1. Lin Lee-chen, artistic director and choreographer of Legend Lin Dance Theatre
2. Taipei Ling-an Club
The recipients were recognized for their efforts to integrate old and new cultures with innovative ideas, create the city’s new cultural landscape, and enhance its residents’ cultural identity.

1.Howard Chen
2.Chew’s Culture Foundation
The recipients were recognized for their long-term efforts to introduce the richness of local culture to the public and enhance people’s participation in arts-focused activities

1.Taiwan Designers' Web
2.The Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation
3.Gourmet Lucille Han
The recipients were recognized for their establishment of a platform or mechanism to promote cultural creativity and to shape Taipei’s image.

1.Urban planning activist John Liu
2.Film director Doze Niu
The recipients were recognized for their dedication to the promotion of the city’s culture through innovative measures.

1.Professor Lee Chian-lang
2.Performer Tang Wen-hua
3.Fubon Art Foundation
The recipients were recognized for their dedication in promoting multicultural arts and Taiwan’s image in the global stage.

1.Professor Xin Yi-yun
2.Pianist Anna Azusa Fujita
The recipients were recognized for their dedication in promoting aesthetics in life.

1.Chiang Hsun
2.I-Tong Park
The two recipients were recognized for their dedication in promoting aesthetics in life

1.Wild Bird Society of Taipei
2.Hsieh Ying-chun
3.U Theatre
The three recipients were recognized for their dedication to promoting and applying environmental-awareness and green culture in the cultural and arts sphere of Taipei.

1.Performance Workshop
2.Huang Ying-hsiung
The two recipients were awarded for their long-term dedication to culture and education, for helping culture take root in life and cultivating young cultural contributors in Taipei City.

1.Huge Lee
2.Li Shu-yun
3. Wu Hsing-kuo
4.Hsu Chi
The four recipients were honored for their long-term efforts to giving traditional arts a new look and vitality, and for their contributions to enriching the aesthetic lives of Taipei's residents.

1.Kimbo Hu
2.Hsu Wang
3.Peace Time Foundation of Taiwan
The three recipients were recognized for promoting the values of reconciliation, harmony, and peace in Taipei City.

1.Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
2.Chuang Yung-ming
3.Sun Ta-chuan
4.Chen Kuo-tzu
5.Huang Yung-sung
The five recipients were awarded for their contributions to the preservation of the history of Taipei City and for promoting harmony and respect among immigrant groups.

1.Ke Le Kuo Theatre Troupe
2.Black Hand Nakasi Workers' Band
3.Ho Ching-tai
4.The Flying Fish and Cloud Panther Music Collective
The four recipients were honored for their long-term efforts toward the cultural development of less privileged groups, and their contribution to the art and cultural life of Taipei City.

1.(Special award) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Foundation / corporate patronage
2.Liao Shou-yi / tree conservation
3.Liao Wu-chih / Paoankung Temple renovation
4.Li Chung-yao / historic building preservation
The four recipients were recognized for their dedication to the preservation and revival of Taipei's cultural assets.

1.Richard Arnold / educational and international exchange
Arnold was awarded for his contribution to making Taipei more cosmopolitan in the cultural sector.
2.Barry Lam / corporate patronage
Lam contributed financial support towards making Taipei's cultural sphere more cosmopolitan.

1.Tsai Jui-yueh / dance education
2.Wu Mei-hui / poetry education
3.Hu Pao-lin / architecture and design education
4.Chen Chin-tsan / cultural history of Neihu community
The four recipients were awarded for their long-term dedication to cultural activities related to the improvement of the urban living environment.

1.Chiu Ru-hwa / Cultural preservation
Chiu was recognized for dedication to the maintenance of historical buildings, adhering to international standards in local cultural preservation.
2.Chen Kuan-hua / Cultural preservation
Chen was honored for dedicated to the preservation of musical culture heritage, mainly of traditional folk music and local opera.

1.Wu Yung-fu (poet, novelist) / Taiwanese literature
2.Wang Jen-hsin(Wang Chin-ying)/Traditional drama-Taiwanese folk opera
3.Tyzen Hsiao (pianist, conductor, composer) / Taiwanese music