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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Ting-tong Chang (張碩尹) wins Taipei Art Awards grand prize2020-12-21
2Remembering 228: A creative exhibition of a sad event2020-12-16
3TFAM’s continuing evolution2020-12-14
4West-Taipei Life Festival centered on Wanhua’s century-old history2020-12-03
5Taipei Biennial 2020: Environmental issues tackled through political and diplomatic strategies2020-11-25
6Nuit Blanche to ‘power up’ Taipei’s Nangang with all-night events2020-09-29
7ADAM Project artists livestream shows during coronavirus pandemic2020-08-26
8Young Artists bling their style during Fringe Festival opening2020-08-23
9The Secret South explores Taiwan’s connection with the Global South2020-07-29
10CEO1950 Presidential Art Space is Taipei’s new elite dining experience2020-07-12
11Taipei Children’s Arts Festival presents New Kids in Town2020-06-30
12Taipei Arts Festival explores the impact of the pandemic on our lives2020-06-30
13An open ending for Taiwan’s avant-garde art pioneer Huang Hua-cheng2020-05-18
14Taiwan Pavilion at 2021 Venice Biennale to feature Sakuliu Pavavaljung creations2020-05-18
15Celebrating a new literary season in Taipei2020-03-03
16228 Memorial Museum holds Jeju 4.3 Uprising Exhibition2019-12-28
17Taipei Culture Award has four winners2019-12-18
18Taipei Original Festival turns Songshan Park into a fantasy world2019-12-17
19The Ximen Red House celebrates its 111th anniversary2019-12-12
20 “Island Tales” celebrates Taipei-Perth sister city relationship2019-12-04