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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Beyond Architecture: Rethinking Our Relationship With Architecture 2023-03-31
2Multimedia Oral Narratives from Industry Veterans Portray the Moving Stories of Taiwan’s Music Culture2023-03-31
4Communicating by Design: 10 Years of Street Corners | 2022 When Taipei Street Corners Meet Design Launches in October2022-11-11
5Songshan Cultural and Creative Park: 2022 Creative Base Festival2022-11-11
62022 Taipei Military Village Cultural Festival | Memories of Building the Military Village Together2022-11-11
7“Seeking Our Original Light” 2022 Northern Taipei Street Blocks Art Project2022-09-30
82022 Nuit Blanche Taipei2022-09-30
92022 New Culture Movement | New drama in Taiwan: A battle of cultures2022-09-30
10First Taipei Heritage Day on September 172022-09-28
112022 TFAM Solo Exhibitions:2022-08-23
12Dadaocheng Ecomuseum: Recalling History Through Architecture2022-08-18
132022 Taipei Fringe Festival2022-08-18
142022 Taipei Buskers Festival2022-08-18
152022 X-site: Blue House (藍屋)2022-06-30
16Small Is Bountiful: Margaret Shiu’s Contemporary Art Collection2022-06-30
17The closer, the better2022-06-30
18Injecting New Life into Taipei Old House Cultural Movement Passing on Dadaocheng culture through creative revitalization2022-06-30
19Mary Quant Retrospective Comes to Taiwan2022-06-30
20Reopening of Yan Xishan’s (閻錫山) Restored Former Residence New special exhibition reveals Yan Xishan’s spectacular life story 2022-06-30