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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering around Yuanshan The Development of Yuangshan Ding 2021-12-29
2Island Concert bazaar invites you to travel back to 1920s Dadaocheng—Exclusive co-branded beer by Taihu Brewing 2021-12-29
3​Prodigy of the Generation—The Chen Chih-Yuan Special Exhibition2021-12-22
4​Themed Salon Lecture—The Witch of Beitou’s Spell to Turn Back Time—Historical Memory and the Rebuilding of Xinbeitou Station2021-12-22
5Themed Salon Lecture—Local Action and Community Construction for the Preservation of the Cultural Assets of Wanhua— FUN.TOWN.CLUB2021-12-22
6​The Weight of Multiple Universes, a Joint Exhibition2021-12-22
7​Images of Taipei City—A Century of Architecture2021-12-22
8​Black Light & Shadow—The Magic Black Light in the Mirror by KTSR2021-12-22
9Art & Afternoon Tea/The Waves Crash On—Luo Yu Cheng2021-12-22
10The Best Years of Life A Wonderful Remake Gímgoânheng Special Exhibition2021-12-22
11The 23rd Taipei Literature Award 1st Online Documentary Video Award Winners2021-12-22
12Old House Time Machine – Learning about Old Houses – Unveiling the Military Residence|A Glimpse at the U.S. Military Residence Lifestyle2021-12-22
13Old House Time Machine – Learning about Old Houses – Searching for Traces in Grass Mountain|Visiting the Past and the Present of the Celebrity Club2021-12-22
14Old House Time Machine – Getting to Know about Old Houses – South Town Tour|Exploring Symbiosis amongst the Alleys2021-12-22
15Listen to a Song: the 10th Anniversary of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park2021-12-22
16An Old House Time Machine – Learning about Old Houses – Century-Old Cultural Association|Guided Tour of the Founding of the Cultural Association2021-12-22
17Above and Below—Phantom2021-12-22
18​Art Afternoon Tea/Roaring Waves After – Luo Yu Cheng2021-11-30
19Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 20212021-11-26
20​Sun Rong-Huei—The Legacy of Martial Arts and Glory in Liyuan Martial Arts, a Special Exhibition2021-11-25