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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Puppetry Art Center of Taipei - One Gaze, One Night, One Moment: Marionette Exhibition2023-09-25
22Signal Z—Landscapes of Dissolution and Flux2023-09-14
23Meet-up Beitou Revisited: Beitou Hot Springs Culture and Industry Exhibition2023-09-14
24School Outreach Program2023-09-14
25A One and A Two: Edward Yang Retrospective2023-09-14
26Taipei Poetry Festival2023-09-14
27Taipei Film Academy Cinematography Forum2023-09-12
282023 Taipei Film Academy2023-09-12
29Integrating Tradition and Innovation: Kimkong Glove Puppetry Maestro Huang Chun-Hsiung Exhibition2023-08-25
302023 Beitou Cooling Summer Festival - Explore Beitou Together!2023-07-31
31Ximen Red House Reopens: Envisioning a Bright Future for West Taipei - 2023 International Museum Day special exhibition at Ximen Red House launched to great fanfare.2023-06-27
32Exhilarating, Stunning and Diverse—A Wave Leading the Fashion World [Taipei Fashion Week 2023: Call for Designers Starts Now]2023-06-27
33Life Determines Consciousness: Kao Chung-Li2023-06-01
342023 Taipei Literature Festival Exhibition| Book Club2023-06-01
35Witness in Person the Formidable Power of these Veterans of Art and Culture2022-12-19
36Fly Me to the Moon and Back: Tom Chang Solo Show2022-12-19
37The Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan2022-12-19
38The winners of the open call for the Taipei Old House Photography Contest 2022 have been announced!2022-12-19
39The Glory Days of Taiwan’s Pop Music Scene2022-12-19
409th Youth & Art Festival 2022 Photography Retrospective2022-12-19