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Seoul Emerges—Videos from Seoul

Bek Hyunjin Solo Exhibition

The exhibition is scheduled to showcase a series of 14 video works, consisting of over 10 video pieces. As an artist who creates with both visual and auditory elements, Bek Hyunjin (白鉉眞) sometimes feels that commonly used mediums—such as sound, language (oral and written), drama, painting, photography, installation, and performances—are insufficient to express certain ideas or experiences. For this exhibition, his chosen mode of expression is video. 

Seoul Emerges—Videos from Seoul


The works presented in this exhibition are the results of this process. Among them, Light was shot by director Bong Joonho (奉俊昊) of Parasite (寄生上流), in collaboration with other crew members and actors, and another was captured accidentally through surveillance cameras. 


Another piece, The End, was produced with the participation of several Korean film stars, including Moon Sori (文素利), the female lead in Queenmaker (造后者). We hope this exhibition will introduce Taiwanese audiences to Korean video works that have never been exposed in Taiwan before.