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2024 Dong-Long-Dong-Long-Ciang

Happy New Year of the Dragon


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, in collaboration with ECHO of Things Chinese magazine, presents 2024 Dong-Long-Dong-Long-Ciang, for which the public is invited to collect auspicious dragons and usher in a vibrant Year of the Dragon! 

From February 6 to 25, the New Year Stories Exhibition (年節故事展) will showcase captivating tales from ECHO of Things Chinese’s classic “Chinese Fairy Tales” (中國童話), including the Kitchen Goddess, dumplings, and ingots. 

The exhibition will give participants a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese New Year customs and culture. At the same time, lectures have been scheduled for the Master’s Lecture Series: Dragon Stories (大師講堂:龍的故事), which focuses on dragons stories and symbolism in Chinese culture. 

At the Search for Divine Dragons Stamp Collection (尋找神龍集章) event, participants can collect all the divine dragon stamps and exchange them for an Azure Dragon tattoo sticker, which symbolized the protection of the divine dragon for a year of peace and prosperity. 

At the Photo Check-in for Golden Prizes (拍照打卡送黃金) promotion, all you have to do is take photos and check in on Facebook at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park for a chance to win Longshan Temple—Praying for Golden Lucky Red String (龍山寺-祈願黃金幸運紅繩) and A Golden House in the Book—Happy New Year of the Dragon (書中自有黃金屋- 大過龍年), bringing home blessings and prosperity!