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Unique Puppet Theater: “Sihping Mountain” Glove Puppetry

Unique Puppet Theater: “Sihping Mountain” Glove Puppetry

Plot Summary

Emperor Suiyang is besieged at Sihping Mountain and summons General Yuan-Pa Li from the Western Garrison to rescue him. Meanwhile, aware that Chiung Chin is at Wagang, Yuan Li sends Yuan-Pa Li to visit his mother in the dining room one last time. Upon learning of this, Li’s mother hangs up a portrait of Chiung Chin that portrays past events in Lintong and advises Yuan-Pa Li not to harm Chiung Chin if encountered. 

General Mao-kung Hsu, upon hearing of Yuan-Pa Li’s attack, requests the generals at Wagang to identify themselves by wearing yellow flags on their heads so that they will not be hurt during the battle. Chiung Chin and the others all follow the plan, except for Yuan-Ching Pei, who relies on his fighting ability and refuses to comply. In the ensuing battle, Yuan-Pa Li defeats the various enemy forces but retreats upon seeing Chiung Chin. Later, encountering Yuan-Ching Pei, Yuan-Pa Li strikes him with three mallets. Unable to withstand the blows, Yuan-Ching Pei retreats in shame.

About the Troupe

The troupe’s creative performances embody the spirit of pure dedication and uniqueness. In addition to maintaining a base of traditional refined art, they strive to research and improve traditional theater presentation methods, with the goal of promoting traditional puppetry and opening up new paths for traditional opera.

Taipei City Arts Promotion Office, 8th Floor, Traditional Arts Venue (曲藝場), Dadaocheng Theater

December 2, 2 pm