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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Sun Rong-Hui: Passing on the Torch of the Pear Garden Exhibition2022-12-19
42Mini Exhibition on the Screen—Chih-Hsing Sun Solo Exhibition2022-12-08
43Dialogue Across Time and Space: Reading Taipei | Lecture Series | Time Travel Through Taipei Architecture2022-12-08
44Big Power from Tiny Movements: Stop-Motion Animation Exhibition2022-12-08
45A Window in Time | Remembering Heart Village, A Visual Exhibition2022-12-08
46Longshan Animation Festival Exhibition November 5 to November 30, 20222022-12-08
47Launch of Taipei City Arts and Cultural Performance Promotion Subsidy and Taipei Digital Stimulus Voucher 2.0 Citizens Invited to Support Taipei City’s Arts and Culture Industry2022-12-08
48Treasure Hill Slow Life Exhibition—Micro Gathering Series2022-11-11
492022 Home Village Military Village Cultural Festival2022-11-11
502022 Beitou Plum Garden Exhibition | Screen: Scenes of Beitou Life2022-11-11
512022 Taipei Short Film Lab Open for Registration Until October 252022-11-11
52Open House Taipei is an annual international experiential event centered on architectural spaces connecting 50 cities around the world, uncovering secret realms within the city little known to the public for a limited time.2022-11-11
53Taipei Music Non-stop: Roll Up Taipei2022-11-11
542022 Taipei Highlight Monuments and Historic Sites: Walk among new memories of Taipei2022-11-11
552022 17th Digital Art Festival Taipei2022-09-30
562022 Taipei Jazz Festival2022-09-30
57Longshan Cultural and Creative Base | Dimension of Fun—Discover Anime Taipei Exhibition Starts Today2022-09-30
582022 Railway Life Festival2022-09-30
592022 Taipei Fashion Week2022-09-30
60Beitou Plum Garden: Wartime Japanese–Western villa reveals life in Beitou2022-09-30