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2022 Taipei Short Film Lab Open for Registration Until October 25

Now entering its sixth year, Taipei Short Film Lab: First Steps for Filmmakers has held regular seminars for producers over previous years to enthusiastic response. This year, Taipei Short Film Lab has invited renowned producers and line producers from Taiwan and abroad to share their experience working on film sets in a series of courses on film industry occupational safety and health. Students will learn about how producers work and develop their understanding of the risks encountered on a film set.

Since 2020, workshop teams have been used to provide students with opportunities to make proposals to producers in an in-person setting. Through face-to-face discussion, producers provide comprehensive assessment of project execution, enabling graduates on the cusp of career entry to understand the realities of working in the industry and expand their thinking about the whole film industry in a way that will reinforce industry connections within Taiwan.

Registration Website: https://www.filmcommission.taipei/Action/siGN_Login.aspx 

For further information, please visit https://www.filmcommission.taipei/producer.aspx or call the Taipei Film Commission at: 02-2709-3880 Ext 131 Production Team eunice@taipeifilmcommission.org