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Treasure Hill Slow Life Exhibition—Micro Gathering Series

This year’s micro gathering and exhibition series will depart from the previous format of observations of the inner goings-on of Treasure Hill Artist Village and extend outwards towards Toad Hill (蟾蜍山). Visitors are invited to use a variety of perspectives from micro gatherings to reengage in contact with the environment.

Choose your way to move slowly and rediscover familiar sights in front of you.

We invite you to come to Treasure Hill and immerse yourself in slow living.


► Exhibition Information

Dates | October 1 to December 4 (closed Mondays) 

Opening Hours | 11:00–18:00

Venue | Attic Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel

Micro Gatherings | Three Cats Club, Inukichi Books, Tadpole Point Café, Tuner


Treasure Hill Slow Life Exhibition: Micro Gathering Series, October Publication

About Slow Food: https://reurl.cc/vWz9do