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Exhilarating, Stunning and Diverse—A Wave Leading the Fashion World [Taipei Fashion Week 2023: Call for Designers Starts Now]

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) is marking a new milestone at Taipei Fashion Week. The Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs is joining hands with professionals to set up a global stage for Taiwanese designers. We’re about to unveil our grand plans for Taipei Fashion Week 2023!

In the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, we hope to transcend traditional definitions of beauty and welcome people into fashion regardless of their gender, sexuality, age, or culture, to let Taiwan’s pride in our diversity and inclusivity shine through.

If you are a designer bursting with passion and creativity, this is the best chance for your talents to shine. Respond now to our call for designers for Taipei Fashion Week 2023.

Click on the link below to get further details and register now: https://tpefw.com/SS24/

This will be a fashion fiesta to ignite your creative passions. Join us as we come together with designers of boundless creativity and set off a fashion wave like no other! Let your designs and your name shine bright in the fashion world.

 [Taipei Fashion Week 2023: Call for Designers Starts Now] Click on the link and embark on your fashion journey!

Deadline for registration: midnight, Wednesday, May 31, 2023 

Event details: https://tpefw.com/SS24/