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2022 Beitou Plum Garden Exhibition | Screen: Scenes of Beitou Life

Located in the mountains, on its south side Beitou Plum Garden is home to natural vistas and sounds, harking back to the old days. The scenery here was enjoyed by former owners from the Japanese colonial period to the time of post-war residences, much like Beitou residents, who enjoy the natural environment of the Datun mountain range and everyday life in streets and alleyways, both worth exploring.

This exhibition is a micro-observation recording Beitou’s culture, geographical and historical development in everyday routine tasks. It collates street images and sounds to bring together the sights and sounds of hot spring culture, cultural festivities, street food, streetscapes, and the religious customs of Beitou. Visitors can immerse themselves in tangible and intangible life rituals and memories of the hot spring town.

 ◎ Exhibition Period: Oct. 15, 2022, to Oct. 1, 2023, 10:00–18:00
 ◎ Exhibition Venue: Beitou Plum Garden Indoor Exhibition Room
 ◎ Closed Mondays

◎ URL: https://www.beitouplumgarden.taipei/eventCT.aspx?id=1121