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NO.TitlePublish Date
61DOCA Commissioner Chung Yung-feng to lead a delegation to George Town Festival2018-08-15
62Ju Percussion Group and Taipei City Orchestra to perform at SIPFEST2018-08-13
63Digital Art Center reopens with exhibition on home appliances2018-08-08
64Tradition and innovation meet at Ximen Red House after renovation2018-08-08
65Taipei Film House launches Literature Film Festival2018-08-08
66Taipei Film Festival celebrates 20th anniversary2018-06-25
67Monga-Longshan Cultural & Creative B2: An emerging base for exploring Wanhua culture2018-06-25
68Taipei parks transformed into inclusive playgrounds2018-06-21
69Flowers adorn former homes of Taiwan intellectuals2018-06-12
70The Museum as Ecosystem—11th Taipei Biennial (2018)2018-06-12
71Taiwan delegates to Style Bangkok Fair seek cooperative ventures2018-06-06
72Wang Da Hong House: A theatrical experience of Taiwan’s modernist architecture 2018-06-05
73Taipei Children’s Arts Festival centers on reality, unreality2018-06-04
74Ju Percussion Group honored for music and management2018-04-26
75TSO welcomes an old friend as director2018-04-26
76Famous music professionals conduct electronic music workshop in Taipei2018-04-26
77Mitsui Warehouse to open for the public in August 2018-04-26
78Metro Taipei calls for proposals on ambient music in 10 MRT stations2018-04-26
79The 2018 Treasure Hill Light Festival - Here and There convey how our senses can be mistaken2018-04-12
80Renowned Curator Sean C. S. Hu to Take Helm of Taipei’s 2018 Nuit Blanche2018-02-05