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Signal Z—Landscapes of Dissolution and Flux

Signal Z—Landscapes of Dissolution and Flux

What does flow/liquidity truly signify? Is it a state of ceaseless movement, an inability to stop, a compulsion to keep moving forward? Or does it represent a lighter, detached state, distanced from traditional, societal systems in order to achieve individualization and invisibility? Alternatively, could it be a form of comprehensive nomadism?

Beginning with landscapes made of images, this exhibition delves into the misreadings that arise alongside visual experiences. Through interpretive and reactionary works, it reveals how the environment of enticingly rapid image consumption on the internet impacts our perception. 

The landscapes shift from private to public, from tangible to virtual. They encompass shifting domains of desire, boundaries between public and private spaces, the accumulation of iterative online information, the intertwining of auditory landscapes in virtual and real spaces, bodies trapped in false temporal cycles or craving to be constrained by information, and the dissolution and disintegration of solid entities and their landscapes. 

The exhibition ultimately extends to the urban metabolism and regeneration born out of adaptations to political and economic strategies.