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Meet-up Beitou Revisited: Beitou Hot Springs Culture and Industry Exhibition

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Hot Spring DŌZO: The History of Beitou Hot Springs Hotels

Come up to the virtual check-in on the second floor!

Here, you can explore the multifaceted industry created by Beitou hot springs hotels of the past and present. You can even savor dishes from traditional taverns. The entire Beitou hill is a grand hot springs hotel!

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Beitou Bathhouse SENTŌ: Bathing Culture in Beitou

Enter the hot springs hotel bathhouse. There are separate baths for men and women. Immerse yourself in bathing culture and experience a technology-infused bath tour. Smell the unique sulfur aroma found only in the wild creek valleys that cannot be reached by shuttle!

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Exhibition Hall EXPO: Past, present, and future of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Returning to the glorious past of Beitou, you are invited to take part in the Beitou Expo. From the Beitou Cooling Summer Festival (納涼祭) to Taiwan Yueqin Ballad Festival (月琴民謠祭), Taiwan Exposition, and Tanshou Guanyin Festival (湯守觀音祭), travel from the Stories of the Past to Visions of the Future at the Hot Spring Museum. The layout takes you through historical experiences in context, turning history into a sensory experience. This hill is the living environment museum of Beitou, a place worth savoring in full.

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