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Taipei Poetry Festival

A Brief History of Women and Poetry

Time: 14:30 on Sunday 24 September

Location: Kishu An Forest of Literature

Host: Pan Chia-Hsin

Speaker: Bina Sarkar Ellias, Maniniwei

Indian poet Bina Sarkar Ellias is a person of many talents, both poet and also designer and founder of an art and ideas journal. Malaysian poet Maniniwei lives in Taiwan, where she is engaged in various forms of creation in both literature and visual art, where her forceful approach opens up the emotional pathways.

Blooming on the Precipice, Poetry in the Jungle

Time: 19:00 on Sunday 24 September 

Location: Kishu An Forest of Literature

Host: Wu Yin-Ning

Speaker: Chiranan Pitpreecha

Chiranan Pitpreecha was a prominent figure in the 1970s student movement in Thailand. Drawing on her experience escaping to the jungle for years to evade suppression, her poetry is direct and sharp, striking at the essence of society and survival. Wu Yin-Ning, poet and rural movement activist, delved into the Mexican jungle in the footsteps of the Zapatista Liberation Army. Engaging deeply in contemporary Taiwanese society, she still manages to write profoundly beautiful and affectionate poetry. Let’s explore how the jungle gives birth to poetry.