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The Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan

The Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan

Date: December 3, 2022–February 26, 2023

Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum 

This exhibition traces the trajectory of cross-disciplinary artistic and cultural development in 1980’s Taiwan through art, archives, audiovisual records, and interviews. In Taiwan, cross-disciplinary art does not signify the progress of modernity, but rather the state of existence and future roads of communities. 

The exhibition is divided into five sub-topics. Avant-Garde and Experimental looks at how artists undertake experiments in various fields influenced by Western art. Politics and Taboo explores how thought, body, and art were successively liberated with the gradual shift towards a freer society with the lifting of martial law. Translation and Hybridity touches on globalization and the rise in overseas student returnees, alongside the publication of large volumes of translated work and the evolution of thought. Local, Global, and Identity touches on how, since integrating into the global supply chain, Taiwan has met obstacles at various levels in terms of identity and values. Convergence and Onward reshapes the atmosphere of the premises through an open exhibition area design, with a planned series of public events.