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​The 16th Digital Art Festival Taipei

The 16th Digital Art Festival Taipei will run from December 10 to December 19, 2021. This year, Chen Hsiang-Wen was invited to serve as curator. Echoing new thinking on exhibitions in the post-Covid era, this year’s theme is “Borderless Shelter”.
The physical sites for the exhibition will be the Red House and the Digital Art Center. The exhibition is also available online (24/7). Twenty-one local and international artists/groups will perform at the weekend, with lectures by 6 artists, and other educational events exploring the creativity of contemporary art creation during the pandemic and the power of gathering online.
On opening night, December 10, Golden Melody Award winner and singer Leo Wang and ACT Creative will perform in the square on the north side of the Red House. The show will be livestreamed with AR technology, enabling audiences everywhere to enjoy the musical stylings of Leo Wang. Computer software will intertwine live broadcast and animation to create a dialogue between online and offline.