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​2021 Taipei Original Micro Festival—A Healing Journey

The 2021 Taipei Original Festival at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is going to be a “micro” event this year, in the hope of resonating with public feeling and finding some common meaning in Taiwan’s current COVID-19 situation.
In this time of sadness, urgency and chaos, a stable place has been constructed where people can spread positive energy. The theme for this year’s Taipei Original Micro Festival is “A Healing Journey.” The subtle interrelationship between people, the environment, and artworks is explored in-depth from spatial perspectives. Four creative teams have been invited to create artworks and display them on-site.
Date: 10 am–9 pm, October 6, 2021–January 2, 2022
Venue: Creative Industry Avenue, Baroque Garden, Westside Corridor, Art Space (exhibition extended to Dec. 5)
Admission: Free