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Digital image competitions highlight the beauty of Taipei

Art editor Img
Night Lion by Chen Shao-chi wins the Best Photography Award. DOCA Photo

By Yali Chen
Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) set up the Digital Content Incubator in Wanhua District in 2019 to encourage its citizens to engage in digital content creation.
The DOCA also holds two digital image contests – the Monga Fashion Street Photography Competition and Taipei Digital NewStar Competition. This year’s awarding ceremony was held on November 20. Eight artworks won the awards of the two competitions.

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Green Herbs Alley (青草巷) by Chang Tao-tzu (張道慈).  DOCA Photo
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Fashionable Bird Park in Wanhua District (萬華時尚的鳥園) by Luke Liu (留榮鋒). DOCA Photo

The announcement symbolizes the achievement of the DOCA’s encouraging the residents to use “we media.” Viewers can get a better understanding of the beauty of the city through the lens of citizen media.
The Digital Content Incubator in the Longshan Creative Hub has entered its second year of operation. It provides high-tech imaging equipment, such as camera accessories, video switchers, and green screen video editors, for we-media creators to use.

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My Broken Heart is Super Cool – I Will Get Through (我的失戀超級酷之我會走出來的)
by Huang Han-yu (黃涵榆).
DOCA Photo

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Reappearance of National Pride (國潮再現) by Hong Lin-ya (洪琳雅). DOCA Photo

In an effort to support the social media sector, the incubator has launched a wide variety of courses, including basic photography, video editing, online media management, as well as scriptwriting for films, television and new media to nurture local talent in the self-media industry. The two competitions are held every year to encourage the citizens to engage in photography and micro film creation.
The Monga Fashion Street Photography Competition focuses on the local food, culture, entertainment, and traditional beliefs in Wanhua District. A total of 277 photography enthusiasts and teams participated in the competition. The lion dancing-themed “Night Lion” (夜獅) by Chen Shao-chi (陳紹麒) won the Best Photography Award for combining the Longshan Temple and Bopiliao Historical Block – two landmarks in the Wanhua area.
The Taipei Digital NewStar Competition encourages the residents to create microfilms. The organizers set the beauty of Taipei as the theme of this year’s contest. Participants had to create a 3-minute short film to promote the city’s cultural and characteristic industries. There were 21 professional teams taking part in the competition. The Best Picture Award went to “Hello, Taipei.” The judges were unanimous in their appreciation for this film’s high-quality production and international perspective.