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Celestial Skills: Hsu Hsieh-Jung, Pioneer of Taiwanese Puppetry Exhibition

The “Celestial Skills: Hsu Hsieh-Jung, Pioneer of Taiwanese Puppetry” exhibition features over 100 works from the Hsu Hsieh-Jung Carving Club, ranging from traditional puppets from Quanzhou to Golden Light Puppets.

Aside from the works of first-generation Taiwanese puppet master carver Hsu Hsieh-Jung, the exhibition also features remarkable works by his son Hsu Chin-Pang, who inherited his father’s skills as a young boy.

The highlight of the exhibition is the theatrical effects by the Golden Light Potehi, alongside techniques on how to make Golden Light Puppets, enabling the audience to explore this fascinating world.

Chung Jen-Liang of Hsin-Shing-Kuo Puppet Show Troupe and Lin Hung-Hsien of Guang-Xing-Ge Puppet Show Troupe were also invited to present of the many classic puppets preserved since the Golden Light Period of the 1940s, including the “Hero Pai Tsao Weng” and “Gentle Hero No Gentleman”. Visitors can immerse themselves in the puppetry of the past and fully appreciate the beauty of the carving of golden light puppets.

Exhibition dates: Saturday 1 May 2021–Sunday 13 February 2022
Venue: Puppetry Art Center of Taipei