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NO.TitlePublish Date
812022 Taipei Poetry Festival2022-09-30
82Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 3: The Grand Transformation of Prison Buildings2022-09-28
83Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 2: Architectural Encyclopedia of the Republic of China in Caoshan2022-09-28
84Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 1: Life in Dadaocheng2022-09-28
85Open Call: Taipei Old House Photography Contest 20222022-09-28
862022 Youth Art Forum: Taipei in Backlight2022-09-28
87The Red House: 2022 Literature Window Special Exhibition Missing · Ximen Girl2022-08-23
882022 Backstreet Festival2022-08-23
89Puppetry Art Center of Taipei – Shadows of Lingering Longing: Shadow Puppet Special Collection2022-07-05
90Art Festival in Community—2022 “Dance of Jazz”—Juedai Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater2022-07-05
912022 TJB—The Exquisite2022-07-05
92Oasis In-between the Hourglass: HONG Yi-Ting Solo Exhibition2022-06-30
93The Flowing Years: A Special Exhibition of Early Images by Sun Yun-Suan2022-06-30
942022 Taipei Film Festival2022-06-30
952022 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival2022-06-30
96Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering around Yuanshan | The Development of Yuangshan Ding 2021-12-29
97Island Concert bazaar invites you to travel back to 1920s Dadaocheng—Exclusive co-branded beer by Taihu Brewing 2021-12-29
98​Prodigy of the Generation—The Chen Chih-Yuan Special Exhibition2021-12-22
99​Themed Salon Lecture—The Witch of Beitou’s Spell to Turn Back Time—Historical Memory and the Rebuilding of Xinbeitou Station2021-12-22
100Themed Salon Lecture—Local Action and Community Construction for the Preservation of the Cultural Assets of Wanhua— FUN.TOWN.CLUB2021-12-22