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2022 Taipei Fashion Week

In continuation of our support for Taipei fashion design and to provide a platform for emerging fashion designers, we have worked with the Ministry of Culture to hold Taipei Fashion Week, an exciting show combining innovative digital art performances and elements of pop music. Fashion experts from different fields have been invited to share their professional skills and experience to broaden knowledge, provide exchange and learning opportunities for Taipei fashion designers, amplify community voices, and create a stylish urban image.
Break through boundaries and integrate the real and virtual to create new visions for fashion. This year’s theme is “A thousand Hamlets reside in the hearts of a thousand people”. You are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of fashion from September 23 to October 30.
Are you ready for the trip of your dreams? Immerse yourself in the backstage of a major fashion show and get to know the different personalities of the fashion world. Amid makeup artists and costume designers, take a plunge into the dazzling, exhilarating world backstage in an unforgettable fashion journey.
Redefine beauty in the name of Beauty Festive Eve. Run by Vogue, the cosmetics festival will connect all major department stores in Xinyi District and feature popular everyday beauty and skin care products, breaking through existing trends and catering to all ages and genders to become a key component of the 2022 Taipei Fashion Week. Beauty Festive Eve will give an energy boost to the upcoming fashion week and provide a stage to redefine the idea of beauty.
Website: https://www.vogue.com.tw/TPEFW/FNO/