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NO.TitlePublish Date
61Open House Taipei is an annual international experiential event centered on architectural spaces connecting 50 cities around the world, uncovering secret realms within the city little known to the public for a limited time.2022-11-11
62Taipei Music Non-stop: Roll Up Taipei2022-11-11
632022 Taipei Highlight Monuments and Historic Sites: Walk among new memories of Taipei2022-11-11
642022 17th Digital Art Festival Taipei2022-09-30
652022 Taipei Jazz Festival2022-09-30
66Longshan Cultural and Creative Base | Dimension of Fun—Discover Anime Taipei Exhibition Starts Today2022-09-30
672022 Railway Life Festival2022-09-30
682022 Taipei Fashion Week2022-09-30
69Beitou Plum Garden: Wartime Japanese–Western villa reveals life in Beitou2022-09-30
702022 Taipei Poetry Festival2022-09-30
71Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 3: The Grand Transformation of Prison Buildings2022-09-28
72Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 2: Architectural Encyclopedia of the Republic of China in Caoshan2022-09-28
73Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 1: Life in Dadaocheng2022-09-28
74Open Call: Taipei Old House Photography Contest 20222022-09-28
752022 Youth Art Forum: Taipei in Backlight2022-09-28
76The Red House: 2022 Literature Window Special Exhibition Missing · Ximen Girl2022-08-23
772022 Backstreet Festival2022-08-23
78Puppetry Art Center of Taipei – Shadows of Lingering Longing: Shadow Puppet Special Collection2022-07-05
79Art Festival in Community—2022 “Dance of Jazz”—Juedai Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater2022-07-05
802022 TJB—The Exquisite2022-07-05