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September Events for National Cultural Heritage Day

Experience the beauty of old houses in Taipei
Taipei City has more cultural assets than anywhere else in Taiwan. With urban development, different city districts have flourished in their own ways and have their own unique stories to tell. In celebration of National Cultural Heritage Day, the Department of Cultural Affairs is presenting a series of cultural assets promotional events from the end of September to December, including a photography contest, guided tours of old houses, a cultural assets salon, and visual art exhibitions. Come experience culture among the lanes and alleys and old houses in forgotten corners of Taipei. 
The Taipei Face photography competition, the first of the cultural assets promotional events, was launched at the end of September. First prize for the best photograph of an old house in Taipei is up to NT$30,000. Submissions opened on September 30 and will close on November 5. Prizes will be presented to winners at Yuanshan Villa in December, and prizewinning photographs of old houses will be exhibited in the Old Houses Photography Exhibition. All entries are welcome.
If you like city walks, why not sign up for the Historic Heritage Day—Old Houses Tour 2.0 starting in October? Ten guided tours will take one of six routes, with experience sessions for each tour.
In addition, 16 sessions of the Old Houses Salon will take place from October to December. Historians and culture experts will share stories of old houses in Taipei, with highlights such as lectures on the surveying and mapping of historic monument, photography of old houses, and hand-drawn architectural illustrations.
Come along to these events and learn more about the hidden beauty among the lanes and alleys of Taipei City. The details for the Taipei Face Old Houses Photography Contest can be found on the Department of Culture Affairs Facebook page. Log on and sign up!