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​My Sound, My Way

Since 2015, the Department of Cultural Affairs has sponsored My Sound My Way, an original music composition contest, to encourage young people to make music and to cultivate potential songwriters. The event promotes and supports original musical composition.
Seven years on, the contest continues to succeed and build the achievement of past years in providing composers with a platform on which to release their works and opportunities to receive professional training. Collaborating with pop music promotional activities allows front-stage and back-stage professionals to pick each other’s brains and guide audiences to develop better listening habits, which helps stimulate urban creative energy.
In 2021, 365 original compositions were submitted for the contest. After an online preliminary round and an offline semi-final, 12 groups have been selected to enter the training program. These talented groups will perform on November 6 and 7 at Xinyi Chianti Avenue Plaza and on November 13 and 14 at Xinyi 21st Square (Taipei 101 Water Dance Square), where a number of well-known artists will be performing. Six talks aimed at promoting pop music will also be held on November 20 and 21 at Popop Taipei. Many music industry experts and musicians will be invited to talk about their experience and lesser-known work.