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The 2021 Nuit Blanche Taipei – Interoperability will be held from 6:00 pm on October 2 (Saturday) until dawn the next day in spite of the pandemic. Through five spotlight plans, we welcome you to meet us online and enjoy the freedom of staying awake all night.

  1. Interactive participation and websites: Calling for online interaction, a cooperative overnight experience and a new form of city activity are proposed.
  2. Annual decoration video: Through a retrospective of Nuit Blanche Taipei held over the past years, the experience of meeting up at night will be evoked anew during the pandemic.
  3. Four major art plans: Through “Taipei Co-Creation Music,”“Nuit Blanche Taipei Talk,” “Art Drafts,” and “Blanche Theater,” people are welcome to join the interactive online programs on music, literature, visual arts, performing arts, talks on films and other topics in the humanities, shows, exhibition explanations, film screenings, and more.
  4. Night visits to cultural spaces: Art galleries, museums, and other exhibition spaces in Taipei will be encouraged to open special night sessions to explore new experiences of no-wall exhibitions in museums.
  5. Art-at-home: A new form of post-pandemic art performance will be created to attract people to enjoy contact-free live-streamed performances.