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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Taipei Culture Passport2014-12-25
42The Sun Yun-suan Memorial Museum2014-12-25
43Taipei Arts Festival2014-08-20
44Taipei Children’s Arts Festival2014-08-20
45How do I get to the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum ?And what are the opening hours?2014-08-20
46How do I get to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum ?And what are the opening hours?2014-08-20
47How many years can I rent an art space? How much does it cost?2014-04-08
48What kinds of information does the website of Taipei Public Art provide?2014-04-08
49(Performing arts groups) How do I set up a performing arts group?2014-04-08
50(Performing arts groups) How does a performing arts group change its chairman?2014-04-08
51Are property owners whose houses have being designated as historical sites entitled to any rights?2013-12-27
52What are the hours of operation for the Taipei Story House? Is there an admission fee? And, what's their contact number and address information?2013-12-27
53How to apply for the reissue of street performer license in case of loss?2013-12-21
54What is the application procedure for old tree transplantation? And what are the requisite documents?2013-12-21
55Is an application required for filming in public spaces or roads in Taipei City? What's the application method and procedure?2013-12-21
56Where can I purchase DOCA publications?2013-12-21
57What are the regulations regarding protected trees within engineering areas in Taipei?2013-12-21
58Does the Taipei Government offer subsidies for filming?2013-12-21
59What are permissible venues for public performances? Do I need approval for a deed of sale? How do I file the tax return?2013-12-21
60Where can I get information about DOCA outsourcing art and cultural spaces?2013-12-21