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61Is it possible to hold an exhibition or other event at Taipei Artist Village?2010-03-03
62Can foreign nationals become street artists in Taipei City? How can I apply?2010-03-03
63How many historical sites are there in Taipei City? How do I find out how to visit a specific historical site?2010-03-03
64How do I apply for a site to be designated as an historical site?2010-03-03
65What are the standards for evaluation of historical sites in Taipei City?2010-03-03
66How do I register a building as a historical building?2010-03-03
67What is the difference between a historical site and a historical building?2010-03-03
68I have discovered a portion of an historical site that has been damaged. Whom do I contact? How does the government punish people who damage historical sites?2010-03-03
69What procedure should be followed if a building or building fragment that may possibly be of historical value is discovered at a construction site?2010-03-03
70How do I apply for appraisal of an antique?2010-03-03
71How do I get to the Taipei City scenic area of Herb Lane?2010-03-03
72How do I get to the Taipei City scenic area Treasure Hill?2010-03-03
73What are the standards for designating a protected tree in Taipei City?2010-03-03
74How do I request the Department of Cultural Affairs to place posters advertising a cultural event?2010-03-03
75What is the address of Taipei Artist Village? And how do I get there?2010-03-02
76How can I find out about the various events held at Taipei Artist Village is holding?2010-03-02
77How can I become an artist-in-residence in Taipei City?2010-03-02