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Successive events in 2016, design everywhere across Taipei

First, the WDC Taipei 2016 will kick off with the “WDC New Year’s Eve of Design” in January, which combines New Year’s Day Concert 2016, Taipei and other design-related events. The WDC New Year’s Eve of Design will bring new experiences to the city’s residents and allow them to enjoy a brand new “New Year’s Life Style in Taipei.” Then, the “WDC International Design Gala” – an international awards event combining with Taiwan’s design features – will take place in March, giving out local major design awards and Icsid’s World Design Impact Prize. Highlights of the WDC Taipei 2016 will come in October with five major events. The first one is the International Design Policy Conference, which invites those promoting design policies of global cities to discuss a series of issues including design policies plus design and urban governance. Second, the previous World Design Capitals will be invited to participate in the “WDC International Design House Exhibition” in an effort to present the story and experience of their development, and share new ideas of innovation and experiments. Third, Taipei will invite the organizers of major design weeks worldwide to come together in the “WDC International Design Week Forum” to discuss how to promote design thinking, urban development and economic models through the Designer Week activities. Fourth, the “WDC Network of Cities Meeting” will provide a platform for urban development policymakers to exchange views. Mayors or their representatives from cities worldwide will be invited to explore the issues they face in urban development, how they use design-based methods to resolve such issues, and their visions for the future development of their cities. Finally, after sharing its experiences, Taipei City’s “WDC Convocation Ceremony” will emphasize the significance of continuing the WDC legacy as the baton passes from the current World Design Capital to the next. The ceremony will wrap it up for the WDC Taipei 2016.

Apart from the above mentioned international signature events, local events are held each month including “Taiwan Design Expo,” “Taipei: Design Action,” “Creative EXPO Taiwan,” and “Taipei Culture Passport.” Throughout 2016, a succession of large and small design activities will be happening all over the capital city. Taipei hopes to plant design like a seed in its residents’ heart. By hosting the WDC Taipei 2016, we need to rethink the relationship between Taipei and the world. Taipei is no longer a manufacturing plant in the world, but a livable city with humanistic spirit. People around the world will be enchanted by Taipei, where restarts the elegance of humanistic spirit from Asia. Taipei is poised to make urban transformation with design and host the World Design Capital 2016.