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Department of Culture Affairs

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Taipei Original Festival

The 2015 Taipei Original FestivalCreators are said to be optimistic because they have a dream.
Creators are said to be brave because they have faith.
Creators are said to be dedicated because they have determination.
Creators are said to be lucky because they derive their self-worth.
Many twists and turns are transcribed into a series of touching stories.

Since 2012, the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) has held the Taipei Original Festival at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei. This year’s event titled “Creators and Stories” aims to use the creative process of participating artists as written texts with a narrative technique of storylines to convey their dreams and feelings of mental touching. Dedicated to their ideas and faith, these creative workers always persist with their creation despite numerous setbacks, thereby blazing a creative path to their works. Their stories reflect ordinary people’s life. The theme pavilion will unveil each chapter of these stories, inviting visitors to listen to the creators’ life story about their creative journeys.

From December 4 through December 20, the festival features a wide variety of exhibitions and performances, including the theme pavilion, outdoor activities, creative markets, musical performances, and lectures. It puts together the original power of all creators and tells their touching stories.

The DCA invites you to come with us and create our life story!

Planning and execution: The department of creative development for Taipei Culture Foundation