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Western-Style Building at the End of Liuguan Street-img-01
  1. The land registration transcripts of the Jianchen District Office of 1910 show the first registration in District 53 of Borough 2 in Eirakuchō was made in the name of Lin Chu-Shou. Then, on April 1, 1922, an expansion of the land area totaling 901 m2 was registered.
  2. According to an entry in People of Taiwan’s Architecture in the Encyclopedia of Taiwan, artisan Chen Ying-Lun moved to Liuguan Street in Dadaocheng in 1904. He began to learn Western-style architecture and employed his son Chen Ming-Tsai as his assistant. He rented the building and its surrounding land for his construction business. During the reign of Emperor Showa, Chen was commissioned by Lin Ben-Yuan Wei-Ji to construct a building, with floor-space of about 100 m2. According to entries in Who’s Who in Taipei Business, the building was rented to the Datong Trust Company from 1933 to 1943. The buildings at numbers 241, 243, and 245 were probably constructed before 1933.
  3. According to the five-phase categorization of Recent Architecture in Taiwan, “rustic finish” and “facial-cut terrazzo” were common building materials used in phase 4, from 1926 to 1936.
  4. A building survey map completed in November 1950 shows that there was a 3-story brick and tile building at 251 Nanjing West Road in Districts 53 and 53-2 in Borough 2 of Eirakuchō.
  5. According to the Constructional Improvements Register 247 compiled on April 19, 1955, the building was registered as newly constructed.