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Jiying_TempleJiying Temple, Jingmei

The Jiying Temple of Jingmei is dedicated to the worship of King Baoyi (also called Wang Gong), the guardian deity of the Gao clan, settlers of Jingmei during the Qing dynasty. In gratitude for divine protection of the clan and for granting the area prosperity, the Gao family built this temple, which has stood as a historical witness to the development of Jingmei.

The Jiying Temple was located in an extraordinarily propitious location, with its back to Xianji Rock and facing a ferry crossing on the Xindian River. A model of mid-Qing dynasty temple architecture, it was designed with double halls, double corridors and double wings. Joinery holes of unique construction and workmanship were built into the walls of the abutting hillside.