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Grave of Wang YideGrave of Wang Yide

The history of Mengjia (or Wanhua) in Taipei City would not be complete without mentioning the family of Wang Yide.

The Wang family was one of the district's most prominent business families in the Qing Dynasty. Other famous members of the Wang family include Wang Chialin, brother Machiao (a philanthropist), and Wang Tsechen (also a philanthropist).

Born in 1796, Wang Yide, belonged to the 19th generation of the Wang family. He immigrated to Taiwan in his early years and used his financial wealth to help the poor in Mengjia through generous contributions to social welfare in the region. He received several honorific titles during his lifetime. He died in 1858 and is buried in Nangang.

Wang Yide’s grave was built of stone in typical Qing-dynasty style. Over the years, Wang’s grave has suffered the ravages of time and weather. The surrounding grass is overgrown, making it slightly difficult to find. But the inscriptions on the headstone remain clear. The characters "Lung Tang" suggest that Wang was a Chinese immigrant. His grave is an important emblem of the history of Taipei City.