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NO.TitlePublish Date
8123rd Taipei Culture Award winners announced2019-08-28
82Taipei’s “We’re Different, that’s Good!” is one theme at Summer Intercity Art Festival 2019-08-21
83Discovering one’s self through portraits, self-portraits2019-06-25
84Taiwan Pavilion at Venice Biennale opens with Shu Lea Cheang’s work2019-05-27
85Treasure Hill Light Festival explores everyone’s desire for happiness2019-04-16
86Taipei Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 50th anniversary season2019-04-05
87Innovative music and opera at Taipei Traditional Arts Festival2019-04-04
88Carl Orff’s Die Kluge—TSO’s year-end gift for families2016-12-21
89Inner self in focus at 2016 The Original Festival2016-12-11
902016 Taipei Culture Award celebrates cultural integration, holds cultural events2016-12-03
9111th Digital Art Festival Taipei focuses on the relationship between humans and technology2016-11-29
92Taipei enters a new stage as World Design Capital2016-11-09
93Imagination transforms wasted space in "Re-Create Taipei"2016-10-20
94Design galvanizes Taipei’s MRT Stations2016-10-04
95Redesigning transformer boxes to remodel urban landscapes2016-09-30
96World Design Capital Taipei 2016 Highlights Cultural Exchange for its Designers in Residence Program2016-08-25
97New Vision & Focus Highlight 2016 Taipei Film Festival2016-07-31
982016 X-site: “Floating” – more than a temporary installation2016-06-24
99Taipei Performing Arts Center Launches Musical Theater Training Project 20162016-05-10
100Taipei Digital Art Festival embodies spirit of collaboration2015-12-24