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Taipei City Arts Promotion Office
     During the latter half of 2002, the Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall underwent extensive renovation, and has recently begun a new lease on life as the Metropolitan Hall, a professional multi-functional theater with a modern feeling, a people-friendly design and considerate service. Starting from its official opening on March 21, 2003, this world-class auditorium has provided a better performance and recreational environment for arts and culture groups, and all the people of Taipei.
     Hours of Operation
Open during scheduled events organized by the Metropolitan Hall, or arts and culture activities to other parties on a rental basis.
TEL: (8862) 2577-5931~322
Address: No. 25, Bade Road, Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan
(1) Take the dedicated Tai Bus tourist bus, disembarking at Meiren Li bus stop.
(2) Public buses, Bade Road: 0 East, 202, 203, 205, 257, 276, 278, 605, Zhongxing line, Xinho line (Ruifang-Banqiao route). Disembark at either the TTV or Meiren Li bus stop.
(3) Public buses, Dunhua Road: 33, 262, 275, 285, 292, 630, 905, 906, 909, Dunhua Main Line. Disembark at the corner of Dunhua North Road and Bade Road -- either Bade-Dunhua or Taipei Sports Stadium bus stops.
(4) TRTS Blue Line, Zhongxiao-Dunhua Station, then transfer to any of the aforementioned Dunhua Road buses.
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