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The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs has been promoting artist villages since 2001, also commissioning the Taipei Culture Foundation to run the Taipei Artist-in-Residence program and manage the two residences at Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village.
The artist villages are being used to promote international and multicultural exchange in the hope of encouraging artists and creative workers in Taiwan and abroad to experiment and create, thus essentially enriching the cultural and creative industry. In addition, the two artist villages have been conducting residency exchange programs with 13 to 16 international art bodies in order to promote international exchange and to cultivate talent.
For more information about Artist-in-Residence, please refer to the website: https://www.artistvillage.org/artist.php
Taipei Artist-in-Residence Program
The program is managed in accordance with the working guidelines governing exchange of artists-in-residence of the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs and artist residency at Treasure Hill Artist Village. In 2001, Taipei City set up a systematic selection mechanism for global artist residencies in order to attract Taiwanese and foreign artists to Taipei to take part in residencies.
Applications are open from March to June every year. Artists submit their creative plans for residency in a village, and selection meetings are held from July to August to select the artists who will be in residence the following year.
Each residency includes three months’ free studio use, administrative support and networking, and artist villages also provide subsidies for artists to showcase their works. Please see the website for information on eligibility, subsidies, and related topics: https://air-artistvillage.org.tw/message_2.aspx

Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, tel.: 1999 (outside Taipei City, please dial 02-2720-8889), ext. 3519
Taipei Artist Village, tel: 02-33937377
Treasure Hill Artist Village, tel.: 02-2364-5313
About Taipei Artist Village
Taipei Artist Village was set up in 2001 on the former site of the Maintenance Office of Taipei City Government’s Department of Public Works, near Taipei Main Station. The village’s founding philosophy is “using socially responsible artistic practice for comprehensive urban development”. It has become a place where artists create and live, promoting exchange in Taiwan and abroad and enhancing interaction with the local community.
The village contains 12 artists’ studios, piano rooms, darkrooms, dance studios, and film studios for the various artists-in-residence. The ground level Baili Hall hosts regular exhibitions and other events. The artist studios on the second floor and above are not open to the public, except for the annual Open Studio event, when the public is allowed into the village to interact closely with the artists.
Please see the website for more information http://www.artistvillage.org/

About Treasure Hill Artist Village
Treasure Hill Artist Village stands on the bank of Xindian River in Gongguan. The settlement was originally built up through illicit construction practices in post-war urban Taiwan—the main residents being socially disadvantaged people such as veterans, rural migrants, and urban aborigines, who built houses in the hills on the city boundaries. In 2011, it was announced that Treasure Hill was a historically significant building complex.
Treasure Hill is based on the idea of “symbiosis” and is the only surviving example of such a settlement in Taiwan. Part of the settlement is used as an artist village, with 19 residential studios, 19 creative studios, two rehearsal rooms, nine indoor exhibition spaces, and an attic youth club. The artists live next to the original residents of Treasure Hill, looking for artistic creativity and inspiration in shared daily life. Treasure Hill is also the best base for international artists who want to experience life in Taipei.
Please see the website for more information http://www.artistvillage.org/