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What are the DCA Foreign Film Production Subsidy Guidelines?

The following extract of guidelines drafted by DCA, is in accordance with Article 8 of Rules for Assisting and Subsidizing Film Making in Taipei City to encourage the making of films in Taipei City and increase Taipei City’s (this city hereafter) marketing opportunities.


1. The film maker must have received Best Director Award at the Cannes International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival or Academy Award; or a work produced by the producer must have won best film in a competition category at one of the aforementioned film festivals/awards; or a film by the film director or producer has made over US$200 million in the previous 10 years at the box office internationally.

2. The film should feature “Taipei City” people, events, history, places or things or have Taipei as the filming base, and must be filmed in Taipei City for at least 30 working days.

3. The film must be shown in film theaters in Taiwan and at least 50 countries/regions worldwide.

4. During the production period in this city, a local registered production company should be hired to assist with production by the international film production company. The production team should be made up at least in part of locally-recruited film production personnel, including the director, production, camera, lighting, graphic design, props and actor groups.

5. Applicants for this subsidy must not also apply for other film production related subsidies provided by this Department at the same time.

For grant application, please contact DCA for more information.