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2020 Children’s Art Festival

Friday, July 17 to Sunday, August 9
 Please visit: www.tcaf.taipei
 Taipei Performing Arts Center Tel: (02)2599-7973 #326
 The Children's Art Festival Handbook can be used as a Children’s Passport to the Festival.
Handbook Distribution
1. Distribution began on June 12, 2020, at all Taipei City public and private elementary schools, and kindergartens. Parents who have not received a Children’s Festival Passport (CFP) are requested to note down the name of the school and their child’s grade and section.
2. Taipei City public and private elementary schools and kindergartens that do not have enough CFPs should first confirm that they are distributing CFPs only to elementary school students in Grades 1 to 5 and kindergarten students above 4 years old. If they still need CFPs, they should call 02-2599-7973 #326 (Mr. Zeng Zhongxin).
3. Other public and private kindergartens or day-care centers who would like to receive Children’s Art Festival Handbooks should also call: 02-2599-7973 #326 (Mr. Zeng Zhongxin).
Collecting the Handbook
People from other cities and counties can collect Children’s Art Festival Handbooks from the following locations:
1. From June 5, at Taipei City Government 1st floor lobby.
2. From June 10, at buildings of cooperating organizations, such as theaters, branches of Taipei City Library, and ticket outlets at National Theater & Concert Hall and the National Performing Arts Center in Taipei and New Taipei. Please call venues first to confirm availability.
3. Please note that handbooks are not available at metro stations or at Visitor Information Centers. For more detailed information about the activities, please visit www.tcaf.taipei or call 02-2599-7973 ext. 326.

Free Performances
During the festival, eleven groups will be offering free performances in some communities. Venues will open an hour in advance. Please refrain from putting things on seats or other places for public use. This rule will be enforced.
Eighteen free artistic performances will also take place at venues called Art Havens. The Taipei Zhongshan Hall is one such “haven” where activities will be held for three consecutive weekends. Please register online or at the venue.

If registering online, please note:
1. Two persons are considered a group. Online registration is limited to 10 groups. All children must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.
2. Registration will be open from noon on Monday June 29 to noon Friday July 3. Please register at www.tcaf.taipei.
3. Confirmation will be sent by email before 5 pm on Monday, July 6. Each free performance is limited to 10 groups, with up to 3 groups waitlisted.
4. Please arrive at the Guangfu Hall ten minutes before the start of the activity or performance to show your child’s National Health Insurance card. Late arrivals will be considered cancellations and your place will be reallocated. Each group is limited to just one entrance information form. We do not accept entrance information by email, fax, or telephone.
Ticket Sales
1. Many performances are taking place at a wide range of venues. Please confirm the name of performance, date, and time on your ticket to avoid inadvertently booking a place for the wrong venue.
2. If you book a place for the wrong hall, you cannot change to another venue.
3. Late-comers will not be allowed to enter and will not be entitled to a refund.
4. Shows are not screened outside the venue, so please arrive on time to ensure you are allowed to enter.