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Information of 2016 Taipei Arts Festival

Q: What’s the theme of Taipei Arts Festival this year? When will it begin?

A: The umbrella theme of Taipei Arts Festival this year is “Art Can Change Lives!”The18th Taipei Arts Festival invites artists from France, Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to present 11 brilliant works.

Taking themes from life, history, ethnics, gender and many other topics, and realizing in the forms of theater, music, dance, new circus, and comic form, all of the works fully showcase the creativity and vitality of performing arts. High school students and Hakka people this time will debut in this year’s event, highlighting that Taipei Arts Festival worships the spirit of diversity.

The event spans from September 9 to October 16. Please visit the official website http://www.taipeifestival.org.tw/ for more information.