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How to rent art spaces in Taipei?

Q: How to rent art spaces in Taipei?

A: DCA cooperated with Pickone to provide a one-window online rental service. In the future, it will be possible to find venues in Taipei without inquiring units one by one. By simply entering date, number of participants, type of activities, event size, and the budget, or choose other keywords like cultural ecology and theater rehearsal, sites in compliance with your needs will jump out on the website.

A total of 37 subsidiary as well as outsourced units are on the list, including Taipei Arts Museum, Zhongshan Hall, the Mayor's Residence Arts Salon, the Red House, Shuiyuan Theatre, Tsai jui-yueh Dance Research Institute, Kishu An Historic Site, Taipei Artist Village, and more. Under the management and operation of different units, each of them is positioned diversified for future development. Old house projects, and other art spaces will be included in the rental platform afterwards.

For more information, please visit 6 www.pickoneplace.com/event/city.