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Tsai Shih-Ping



 Tsai Shih-Ping
  • BA in Political Science, National Taiwan University
  • MA in Political Science, National Taiwan University
  • First CEO and Vice Chairman, ROC Centenary Foundation
  • Deputy Executive Director, Taipei 2009 Deaflympics
  • Director, Memorial Foundation of 228
  • Consultant (Cultural Section), Taipei City Government, 1998–2014
  • Judge, Taoyuan City Chung Chao-cheng Literary Award
  • Judge (multiple years), Golden Bell Awards
  • Judge, Golden Tripod Award
  • Political correspondent, Independent Evening Post
  • Editor-in-Chief of China Forum
  • Director of Entertainment News, United Evening News
  • Editor-in-Chief, United Evening News
  • Host, religion programming, Beautiful Life Television
  • Host, “Art Profile” and “Theme Night Show”, Public Television Service
  • Author of more than 10 books, including Notes on Thirty Men and Notes on a City
  • That Never Sleeps
  • Curator, art critic