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KoKo art exhibition aims to draw parents and kids

A mother, right, helps her son use an interactive device at the KoKo art exhibition, which will run through May 29, 2011. (Photo Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum)The Taipei Fine Arts Museum is holding an art exhibition, named "KoKo: From Nature to Art" and designed for parents and children. This showcase will run through May 29, 2011.

Wu Kwang-tyng, TFAM Director, said that the exhibition would serve as a warm-up of children's art education because they had decided to set up a children's museum last year.

The scheduled location of the children's museum now is functioning as a flower display for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. After the closing of the flora expo in April 2011, the museum will hold a seminar to discuss details of the children's art gallery.

Since 2001 the Taipei-based museum has staged art exhibitions for kids' art education in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Children are encouraged to explore the beauty of arts through exhibited items.

Twelve pieces of oil paintings on display at the KoKo exhibition include early Taiwanese landscapes by artists Yang San-lang, Liao Te-cheng, Ho Te-lai, Ma Pai-sui, Hsi-Te-chin, Chu Teh-chun, Lu Chi-cheng, Li Che-fan, Lin Tein-jui, Gao Yeh-jung, Cheng Shih-fan, and Yang Qi-dong.

A poster of the exhibition. (Photo courtesy of TFAM)Through these artworks, children can learn how artists used different ways to depict colors, neighborhoods, countryside, mountains, famous sites and scenic spots on their canvases.

The museum used hands-on interactive devices to help parents and kids reexamine their everyday life from an artistic point of view. The family-friendly installation of devices also aimed to assist viewers in developing their observation skills.

Admission is free for all people.