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Oasis In-between the Hourglass: HONG Yi-Ting Solo Exhibition

In my solo exhibition Oasis In-between the Hourglass (沙漏裡的綠洲), I treat printed matter as a creative medium. Through both the concept and the practice of printing, time is observed. The calendars that track days, months and years are maps of the sky, observations of the trajectories of celestial bodies from human perspectives.
Printing is a presentation means that narrates changes with mathematical precision. Thus, the interrelationships between Sun, Moon, and Earth are recorded as time. Indeed, it is a poetic representation. Compared to humanity, these interrelationships come even closer to eternal existence; therefore, I began to search for things closer to eternity, in an attempt to present the other possibilities of time.
Printed matter demands speed which shows its transience. For me, this manifests the features of “massive reproduction”, which is another facet of eternity. When I searched for time externally, I began to feel the limitations of being human, so I turned inside. In this pursuit, I seemed to find an oasis in an hourglass. In heaviness and light, gain and loss, light and darkness, I discovered a way of experiencing time. Perhaps, this oasis exists only in our imagination. And yet, I hope both you and I are in pursuit.
Tel.: (02)3393-7377
Website: www.artistvillage.org