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Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering around Yuanshan | The Development of Yuangshan Ding


Guided Tour


Route: Old Taipei–Tamsui Line TRA Dormitory à Huguo Chan Temple à Yesterday World à Taipei Broadcasting Station à Meiji Bridge Ruins à Taipei Fine Arts Museum à DH Café à Yuanshan Mansion


Time: 9:00 am–12:00 pm, Sunday, October 31 & Sunday, November 7

Rendezvous: Old Taipei–Tamsui Line TRA Dormitory (provisional)


Maruyama Cho (today's Yuanshan area) was developed during the Japanese colonial era, and the district is well-equipped with facilities. The buildings and neighborhood stand in silent witness to the passing of time. An example is the Huguo Chan Temple, which is also part of the tour and continues to act as a religious center.


⟡ Interactive highlight: Stained glass painting

About the Tour Guide

About the Tour Guide

Tour guide Ling Zong-Kui


Ling Zong-Kui is a Planner in the Exhibition and Planning Department at National Taiwan Museum. A graduate in architecture from Chung Yuan Christian University, Zong-Kui also holds an MS in Building and Planning from National Taiwan University. He specializes in the history of architecture and the preservation of cultural assets. Zong-Kui enjoys sharing his knowledge with visitors and encouraging them to take interest in cultural assets and in return learning some of the history of their hometowns.